Flexo/Gravure Poly Deep Freeze Ink

Sky Freeze Inks are Deep Freeze & Fat Resistant inks for high quality surface printing application, Optimized to givebest printing results. Skyfreez inks are exclusively formulated with high Molecular weight, nonmigrating plasticizer resins.

End Use

Sky Freez Inks are designed especially for printing on Milk packages and Bread wrappers and General Food Packages.

Special Features

Excellent Deep Freeze Resistance

Excellent Fat Resistance

Good Printing Stability

Good Blocking resistance

Excellent Adhesion

Good scuff resistance & slip properties: Could be further enhanced by Employing TIL Slip & Scuff Additive

Excellent solvent release, enabling high press speeds to be used

Designed to exhibit a low coefficient of friction

May require some adjustments with very cold temperature climates

Printing Substrates

LDPE (Treated > 38 Dynes)


Dairy Products, Water Pouches and Deep Freeze products


Superior quality Heat resistant Highly reliable Deep Freeze and rub resistance.