HDPE and PP Woven Sack Flow Ink

Sky Woven Sacks Ink.


Surface printed Application on HDPE Woven Sacks Specially for Fertilizer Grade Packing, Suitable for Roll to Bag and Bag to Bag Printing Application Fertilizer Packing(Roll to Bag and Bag to Bag Printing). Can also be Used on HDPP Untreated Substrate print process flexo print substrate untreat and Treated HDPE Key Product Feature Good Printability and Re-Solubility High Color Strength Immediate adhesion on Treated and Un-Trea ted Substrate HDPE Good Nail and Scuff Resistance.


Woven Sack printing (Roll to Bag and Bag to Bag printing).

Print Substrate

Untreat and Treated HDPP, Fertilizer packing.

Product Features

Good printability and re-solubility, High color strength, Immeduate adhesion on treated and un-treated substrate, Good nail and scuff resistance.

Reducing Systems

Sky Woven Sacks Reducer