Online Floxographic woven sack Ink

We are the best provider of woven sack inks and ordinary cement inks which is ideally formulated forfabric. Our scratch resistant products from a hard, quick setting film on the fabric. These are available in superior varieties and shows great color strength in printing. We provide highly reliable and superlative products..


For Cement Bag.

Product Features

Advanced quality

Sharp Printability

High Strength

Good scratch Resistance

Confirms to Global Standards and specifications

Suitable for Printing on Untreated and treated HDPE/PP Woven Sacks

Excellent Gloss


This ink is specially formulated for corona treated PP/HDPE fabric. It forms a hard quick setting film on the fabric with high gloss and scratch resistance. It shows great color strength in printing. It gives excellent tape test results on treated fabric. The recommended reducer for this ink is WOW REDUCER. It is available in all conventional shades.