Gravuro Polyster Lamination Ink

For Reverse printed lamination application on flexible films. Polyurethane based reverse lamination application ink suitable for various flexible films.


Flexible packaging for the confectionary and general purpose product pouches printed on different types of a flexible substrate. Liquid packaging like shampoo sachets, oil pouches. Suitable for solvent-based / solventless adhesives. Lamination bonds are dependent on substrate type and quality, adding additives use on adhesive type and film weight applied.

Product Features

Excellent printability and re-solubility

High Color strength

High bond strength

Varsatile ink suitable for all type of polyester

Low solvent retention


Suitable for speed from 100 M/M - 350 M/M


Bond strength of a laminate is very much dependent on the adhesive quality, ink deposition weight, adhesive coating weight, nature of substrates laminated ad nature of the job. It is therefore recommended that the right quality of adhesive be selected and uniformity of coating weight is properly controlled in order to get standard lamination results. Curing of laminates at controlled temperature and humidity for a minimum of 48 hrs is indispensable to achieve the best lamination bond.


Single pigment blending ranges available as well as specifically matched colours(spot colours).